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Portfolio Examples

Two Portfolio Examples

To the right you see two portfolio examples, each trading multiple of our template trading bots, called ‘Research Strategies’. The charts display performance on ‘real money’ accounts (not demo/paper trading).

No Financial Commitment

Only fund your connected broker account, when you wish to do so

The only thing we require is that you complete a three minute initial sign-up with one of our partner brokers. Because, eventually, you should be willing to allocate at least 100 USD robot algo-trading. Otherwise, creating a Tradeworks account will be a waste of your time.

Select Partner Broker

Connect with a broker you choose

Tradeworks lets you build and deploy trading robots on our cloud servers, for free.

But Tradeworks it not a broker. So, your Tradeworks account needs to be connected to a broker account of yours.

When you sign up, you’ll choose which of our broker partners you’d like to sign up with. No funding will be required.