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Portfolio Examples

Two Portfolio Examples

To the right you see two portfolio examples, each trading multiple of our template trading bots, called ‘Research Strategies’. The charts display performance on ‘real money’ accounts (not demo/paper trading).

14 Days Free Trial

Get a 14 days free trial, with no strings attached

You are free to sign up to see what Tradeworks is all about, and you can do so at no cost at all. Whenever you are ready to start you just need to select a pricing model, connect Tradeworks to a broker and you are ready to go.

Connect With a Broker

Connect with a broker you choose

Tradeworks lets you build and deploy trading robots on our cloud servers. But Tradeworks is not a broker. So, your Tradeworks account needs to be connected to a broker account of yours.

If you don’t have a broker yet, we will suggest some recommended brokers, when you start your subscription with Tradeworks. In general, its important to chose a broker with low spreads as tighter spreads increase your chances of reaching your take-profit levels.